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Seriously. If you don’t know who this cat was and why he is so noteworthy, that’s on you. People in the know, give this cat his props. It might seem odd a graphic designer giving credit to a Heavyweight Boxing Champ BUT yet, here we are. We are all influenced by the people and the environment around us.
So from time to time, people have asked “What got you interested in doing design work, printing and manufacturing, animating, screen printing, etc etc etc.?” It’s a question that I’ve rarely had the time to answer. I am an aging b-boy. Quite literally. My childhood was inundated with Hip-Hop. In all it’s forms. I am not going to
Oh wow. That’s cool that facebook reminds me that I haven’t posted anything in a few days. (Kinda pushy if you ask me, but we will rock and roll) Since I am now being encouraged to talk, I want to thank a few of the new and awesome people that I have met in the