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what I learned today…10.1.15

Oh wow. That’s cool that facebook reminds me that I haven’t posted anything in a few days. (Kinda pushy if you ask me, but we will rock and roll) Since I am now being encouraged to talk, I want to thank a few of the new and awesome people that I have met in the last few weeks. You are some of the main people that keep me laughing and focused and I am truly honored to be able to help you convey your messages, ideas and support, visually. I Thank You, immensely. (Since this is a business page, I can not tag personal pages, so I’m typing names in manually. Thanks Obama). Lisa, Cory, Cianna, Christy, Cathy, Caren, Bee, Danna, Adele, Mau, Heidi, Damion, Jessica, Cindy, Nicole, Kerridwen, & Janga you guys and gals ROCK & I GENUINELY APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!In addition to that I want to update all interested parties that the “likes” contest is still ongoing. As of this tally, Cathy is in the lead..like by a lot!! Like WOAH!!!I’ve got to get back to work now. L8rs.
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